Are you in need of a French drain contractor? Does your yard accumulate a lot of standing water from heavy rain and melting snow? You may benefit greatly from a French drain! When water is unable to drain from a yard, it can form large puddles and may even flow toward your home, resulting in both flooding and water damage. Today, we are discussing reasons why you should hire a French drain contractor to install a French drain system.

What is a French drain?

Reasons To hire A French Drain Contractor

The idea behind a French drain is simple: to help protect homes and large-scale projects from overflowing, flooding, and water damage. French drain contractors install this drainage system to redirect water away from a home or commercial project and reduce standing water as well.

A French drain looks like a rock drainage ditch at first glance. It is a trench dug in the ground, filled with a perforated pipe wrapped in landscaping fabric that prevents grass and weeds to clog the holes. On top, the pipe is covered in a few layers of gravel and stones. Each element of this system allows for water to pass through easily to prevent it from pooling in the trench itself, and it works because gravity makes the water flow downhill. 

When to hire a French drain contractor

Now that you understand how French drainage systems work, why want to install one? Here are 3 reasons to hire a French drain contractor:

  1. If water is flooding your house

Water damage can be detrimental to your home’s foundation. If water is flooding your house when there is heavy rainfall, it may be time to hire a contractor to install a French drain. A French drain can be used to protect your home from such floods and prevent further damage by redirecting the water away from the foundation. Typically, this drain will wrap around the perimeter of your home, giving the water an alternative path to follow, rather than seeping through the cracks of the foundation.

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  1. If puddles of water are pooling on the surface

Standing, or pooling, water is one of the most common uses of a French drain. The drain will pull and direct the water from these large pools through its path and relocate it to a more appropriate drainage area. This can include a municipal wastewater drain, or a catch basin, like a rain barrel. If your yard is experiencing large puddles of water and mud collecting on its surface when it rains, install a French drain to help!

  1. If you have a retaining wall on a hillside

Retaining walls help to hold soil and landscaping in place, in order to prevent erosion. When this soil is oversaturated with water, more pressure builds up onto the wall, causing possible failure. The third reason you should hire a French drain contractor is to help draw this extra water away from your retaining wall. The drain will redirect the flow and help protect the wall each time it rains.

Closing Note:

Contact Stockman LawnscapeStockman Lawnscape, Inc. offers both residential and commercial drainage solutions to ensure that your garden, lawn, or large-scale project areas do not overflow and run into the foundation of your home or cause flooding in unwanted places. Our solutions include French drain installation. If you are experiencing flooding or pooling, we recommend you contact us today!

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