Hey everybody and Happy Spring!

We recently just changed our website up a bit to make it a little more user friendly and more visually friendly.

This blog is one change we are very excited about. Not only will we be able to update you on everything that’s going on with the company, but also pass along tips and tricks to help you maintain things in your own landscaping as well!

Throughout the course of the year, we will also be interviewing members of our team so that you can get to know us a little better. You’ll come to find out that we are just your normal guys that love what we do and have some pretty interesting stories!

Just a little background about our company (check out our Who We Are page too). Dave Stockman founded the company in 1995, after working in Steel Mills around Pittsburgh for many years. He founded the company because of his love of the outdoors and a passion for making beautiful landscaping. Client service and satisfaction were core elements of the business in the beginning years. Myself and my brother, Sam, both joined the company management after graduating from Penn State University. As the company grows, we never forget our roots. Superior client service and satisfaction are still our number one priorities. We genuinely believe we can offer you the best Client Service and we try to improve that each and every day.

We have an amazing team in place and it’s a joy to work with them every day. Dave is still very much involved every day. Even though we are a large company, you’ll always find Dave at the forefront of every large job. Sam takes care of all of the company operations and team members. I manage the business, front to back and side to side. We are minor pieces to the puzzle though and couldn’t do it without our fantastic team of Client Service Managers, Division Managers, Team Leaders, and Team Members. We’ll let you get to know all of them later and how unique and talented they are!

I’ve been rambling on for a little bit here. I could type about our company for days and days without even thinking. We hope that you follow along and get to know us, as well as let us help you with informative articles!

Talk to you soon!

Nathan Stockman – Business Development Manager

P.S. That Easter Bunny that you see up top might just happen to be our owner during an annual Easter Egg Hunt for Kids. More on that later 🙂

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