Erosion Control

Drainage Solutions

Stockman Lawnscape Inc. offers commercial drainage solutions to ensure that your large scale projects do not overflow and cause flooding in unwanted places. Our solutions include French drain installation, dry river beds, drainage pits, and more



If your soil is starting to erode on your large-scale project, it might be time to let Stockman Lawnscape Inc. step in and help with your hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a process of placing a “slurry” on top of bare parts of grass to help it grow and cause further prevention of soil erosion. 


Silt Sock & Silt Fence

Silt socking and fencing is an effective service that Stockman Lawnscape Inc. offers to help with erosion control. Especially with the hills of Pittsburgh, erosion is bound to happen and could jeopardize your large-scale project.


Dormant Seeding

At Stockman Lawnscape Inc., we offer dormant seeding services to keep the soil on your project healthy all year long. Dormant seeding is typically done during the winter when the temperatures are low to prevent the seed from germinating until it is time to grow in the springtime. 


Straw & Tack

Straw and tack is another effective method for those who are trying to prevent erosion from happening within the soil of their project. Stockman Lawnscape Inc. offers straw and tack services to help supply your soil with more nutrients and protect it from further erosion.


Man installing drainage
men putting down strew
men putting down strew

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