There is nothing worse than having a full garden of flourishing fruits, vegetables, and flowers be devastated by local pests. How can you successfully deter animals from your landscaping? Today, we are talking about 7 tips to safely get rid of them from your upcoming garden this spring!

Garden Fencing

While it seems like common sense, one of the most effective ways to deter animals from your landscaping is by building a fence. If you have small pests, you can use mesh fencing to keep them out. However, if your pests are a little larger, like deer and bear, you should consider installing at least a 5-foot fence. Building a fence will act as a deterrent, blocking these pesky animals from entering your garden.

Wire Cloche

If it seems like one specific plant comes under attack, try using a wire cloche. All you need to do is place the cloche over the plants to deter animals from chewing on them. If you happen to have it lying around, chicken wire can also also be used by wrapping it around the plants. Be sure to keep an eye out for which plants may be more prone to critters.


If you have hanging plants or enjoy watching the birds eat from birdfeeders, you may have seen or heard of baffles. These are domes that are often hung or attached to poles to keep pests like squirrels off of them. These little domes will keep the animals out and save you from a lot of frustration later on! 

Poor Tasting Plants

Another way to deter animals from your landscaping is by installing some plants that have poor taste. For example, marigolds are a huge turnoff for deer because of their strong scent. You can do more research on what plants deter the certain pests that you may be dealing with.


If you struggle with neighborhood cats, you can use catnip to lure them away from your plants. To do so, take smaller flower pots, fill them with catnip and place them on your patio or another place where you can lure the cats away from your landscaping safely.

Containers or Raised Beds

If you have a small garden, you can consider moving the plants off the ground by transporting them into containers or raised beds. This will help to deter animals from your landscaping by putting the plants just out of reach from the pests you may encounter.


Finally, the last way you can try to deter animals from your landscaping is noise! The easiest way to accomplish this is by hanging a wind chime somewhere nearby. 

End Note

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