Is your western PA yard struggling with erosion? Soil erosion occurs when natural things like water, wind, and even ice move the topsoil. This natural process wears away soil, causing it to deteriorate and expose roots, washing away plant beds, and more. 

Erosion control, which is the employment of various landscaping strategies to deter erosion, can help avoid these issues. With 2023 in full swing, we suggest learning about and implementing some of the top trending erosion control services to keep your yard healthy and safe!


Erosion Control Services- French Drain Contractor: Man installing drainage1. French Drains

One of the top trending erosion control services that are worth investing in is drainage solutions, like a french drain! French drains protect your garden and lawn from the overflow that could damage the foundation of your home and yard. They work by redirecting water away from homes in order to reduce standing water and floods. 

More specifically, a French drain has a perforated pipe that sits in a little trench dug into the ground. This pipe is covered by gravel to allow water to pass through, rather than erode the areas of soil around it. 



Pittsburgh Hydroseeding Service- Stockman Lawnscape Inc. Erosion Control Services2. Hydroseeding

Do you have a lot of bare spots in your yard? At Stockman Lawnscaping Inc., we highly recommend hydroseeding as a top erosion control service! If you are unfamiliar with this process, it’s simple: Hydroseeding works by placing a “slurry” of seed, fertilizer, and mulch on top of bare parts of grass to help it grow and prevent further erosion. 

Typically, the mulch in the “slurry” helps to protect the seeds, granting them time to germinate before wind or rain erodes the mixture. Eventually the much will decompose, adding extra nutrients to the soil too!



Erosion Control Services: Silt Sock 3. Silt Sock & Silt Fence

Silt socking and fencing are on the rise in 2023! This is a great, low-tech service if your home is susceptible to stormwater runoff and other erosion-based issues. The silk sock considered a sediment-trapping device, is filled with materials like wood chips or compost, to filter water through at a more controlled rate. 

Silt socks are becoming increasingly popular because they are both environmentally friendly, and require minimal maintenance after installation. It is a stable and effective option to minimize the effects of erosion.


Erosion Control Services: Dormant Seeding 4. Dormant Seeding

Dormant seeding is one of most popular erosion control services and works to keep your soil healthy all year long! This type of seeding is done in the winter months because the low temperatures prevent the seed from germinating until it is time to grow in the spring. The goal is to keep the seeds dormant while they work their way down to the soil over several weeks or months. 

This process eliminates the work you would typically have to do to prepare the existing soil for seeding. Instead, this seed can go right over damaged areas to prevent erosion from occurring later on.



Erosion Control Services: Straw and Tack5. Straw & Tack

Are you familiar with straw and tack? It is another trending erosion service for homeowners who are trying to prevent erosion from happening within the soil of their lawns. This method helps to supply your soil with more nutrients by absorbing rainwater and slowing its movement once on the ground. The straw is held in place by something called a tackifier, which “glues” the straw together in order to enhance the erosion control benefits. 


End Note

Investing in these trending erosion control services will take your yard to the next level! If you don’t know where or how to get started, Stockman Lawnscaping Inc. can help. We will help you evaluate your lawn and recommend the best erosion control methods to stop and prevent any further damage to your landscape.

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